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Contact:  Sharon Moysiuk, Communications   360-549-6471

General inquiries: Health System Customer Service   360-236-4700

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Department of Health has revoked or suspended the licenses, certifications, or registrations of the following health care providers in our state. The department also immediately suspended the credentials of those who were barred from practicing in other states.

The department’s Health Systems Quality Assurance Division works with boards, commissions and advisory committees to set licensing standards for more than 80 health care professions (eg, dentists, nurses, counselors). Information on disciplinary actions taken against medical doctors and physician assistants can be found on the Washington Medical Commission (WMC) website. Questions about WMC disciplinary actions can be sent to

Benton County

Information about health care providers is available on the agency’s website. Click on “Find a health care provider license” in the “How to?” part of the Department of Health home page ( The site includes information on the health care provider’s license status, expiration and renewal dates of their credentials, disciplinary actions and copies of legal documents issued after July 1998. This information is also available by calling 360-236-4700. Consumers who feel their health care providers are acting unprofessionally are also encouraged to call and report their complaints.

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Chelan County

In July 2022 the Nursing Commission and registered nurse Emily Marie Hanson (RN60369093) entered an order suspending Hanson’s credentials. Hanson had withdrawn oxycodone for patients who had received pain medication, and the hospital audit found Hanson had withdrawn more oxycodone than other floor nurses even though he had no individual patient responsibility.

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King County

In July 2022 the Nursing Commission suspended the registered nurse license of Daphne Lelora Tobin Jacobsen (RN60560549). Jacobsen did not respond to allegations that he drank alcohol before work and worked while impaired. See the article : Best Netflix Movies & Shows: What’s Trending On July 6, 2022.

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Okanogan County

In July 2022 Nursing Assistant Program suspended, pending further disciplinary action, certified nursing assistant license Nancy Shirley Ferara (NC60276652). The Department of Social Services and Health’s Department of Adult Protective Services determined Ferrara to be neglecting a vulnerable adult, which prohibits him from working with or having unsupervised access to vulnerable adults. On the same subject : “Oregon health officials postponed a meeting because ‘urgency is a white supremacist value'”.

Skagit County

In July 2022 the Nursing Commission suspended the license of Roy Parker Rasmussen (RN00141712). Rasmussen’s license was briefly suspended after he was arrested in April 2022 for first-degree murder. On the same subject : Which is open and closed on the Fourth of July this year.

Spokane County

In July 2022, the Nursing Commission suspended the registered nurse and registered nurse practitioner anesthetist license from Mark James Padrnos (RN00107541, AP30004443 -CRNA) after Padrnos engaged in a romantic and sexual relationship with a patient.

Yakima County

In July 2022, the Nursing Assistant Program, Medical Assistant Support Program and Janina Gabrielle Schmalfeldt (NC60669862, ME60785583) agreed to an order suspending her license. Schmalfeldt, a certified nursing assistant and medication assistant support, took the patient’s hydrocodone for her own use.

Out of State

In July 2022, the secretary of health suspended the registered nurse assistant license of Susan LeeAnn Beebe (NA60249471). The Department of Adult Protective Services Social and Health Services found Beebe was financially exploiting vulnerable adults. As a result, he is prohibited from working with or having unsupervised access to vulnerable adults.

Missouri: In July 2022 the Nursing Commission suspended the license of registered nurse Ryan Keith Belloir (RN60682947). The California Board of Registered Nurses barred Belloir from practicing in California after Belloir was found in possession of fentanyl, and because Belloir made false entries in records.

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