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OLYMPIA – The Washington State Department of Health has taken disciplinary action in our state or dropped charges against the following health care providers.

The Department’s Health Systems Quality Assurance Division works with councils, commissions, and advisory committees to establish licensing standards for more than 80 health professions (eg, dentists, nurses, counselors). Information on disciplinary action against doctors and medical assistants can be found on the Washington Medical Committee (WMC) website. Questions about WMC’s disciplinary action can be sent to

Franklin County

Information on health care providers is available on the institution’s website. Click “How do I get one?” Click the “Search for a Healthcare Provider’s License” section of the Department of Health’s website ( The site contains information on the status of the healthcare provider’s license, the period of validity and renewal of his authorization, disciplinary action and copies of legal documents issued after July 1998. This information is also available at 360-236-4700. Consumers who feel that a healthcare provider has acted unprofessionally are encouraged to call and report their complaint.

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Grant County

In May 2022, the Nursing Program charged Shaelynn Marie Logozzo (NC60855746), a certified nurse, with unprofessional behavior after being convicted of two assaults in Benton County District Court.

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Grays Harbor County

In May 2022, the Dental Commission terminated the license of Peter M. See the article : Minister Magarik announces leadership changes at Department of Health and Human Services – State of Delaware News. Cha (DE00006848) for a dental license.

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King County

In May 2022, the Emergency Medical Services Program charged Mary Lynn Jarzabek (ES61065273), an emergency medical technician, with unprofessional behavior because she was allegedly not affiliated with an emergency agency licensed by the Secretary of Health. On the same subject : WHO: Monkeypox outbreak is not yet a global health emergency.

In May 2022, a massage therapist program charged Xing Yu Chen (MA60115256), a massage therapist, with unprofessional behavior. Inspectors in the department found that Chen’s massage business allegedly did not display masseuse licenses, did not keep customer records, and did not thoroughly clean tables and other furniture.

In May 2022, Stephen Robert Adkins (CP60264602) was prosecuted for unprofessional behavior by a professional substance abuse disorder program. Adkins, who holds a professional license for chemical addiction (now a professional license for substance use disorder), allegedly caused personal and emotional problems to the patient, causing emotional stress and jeopardizing the patient’s recovery efforts. He also sent inappropriate text messages to the patient.

In May 2022, the Nurses Commission charged registered nurse Bryan David Maruhashi (RN60563235) with unprofessional behavior after being convicted of four assaults in King County High Court.

In May 2022, a massage therapist accused Donovan Paul Loomis (MA60732442) of unprofessional behavior. The charges state that Loomis performed a breast massage without undergoing the required training and education.

In May 2022, the Dental Commission and dentist Garrett J. Buck (DE60879751) signed an agreement that allows an investigator to audit 10 patient records without prior notice that are held until he or she practices in Washington. He must also complete further training, pass a legal examination, pay a fine of $ 3,000 and be reimbursed $ 4,000 in commission. The commission found that Buck had recommended a treatment plan below the standard of care at the examination of the minor and that he did not need a treatment plan for several teeth.

Kitsap County

In May 2022, the Dental Commission and dentist Shawn Martin Keller (DE00009100) signed an agreement that allows an investigator to audit at least 10 patient records and perform infection control checks without prior notice. Keller must also complete in-service training, receive an assessment of substance use, pay a $ 50,000 fine, and reimburse $ 10,000 to the Commission. Read also : WHO: Monkey pox is not yet a global health emergency. Keller’s treatment of several patients was below the standard of care due to a lack of documentation, open crown contacts and poor placement of prostheses, among other problems.

In May 2022, a massage therapy program charged Jack Eric Johnson (MA60625031) with unprofessional behavior for allegedly massaging a client after his license expired.

Lewis County

In May 2022, the Nursing Commission reinstated the credentials of her licensed practical nurse, Stella Marie Guerrero (LP00040764). Guerrero’s term of office is at least 12 months and his employer must provide estimates of his performance. Guerrero is not allowed to work in a temporary or travel agency, in a home health or community-based care facility, or to teach. Guerrero must also be under direct supervision and is not allowed to act as a nurse or nurse.

Pierce County

In May 2022, the Minister of Health, Caitlin, granted Alys Rogers (CO61285861) a conditional substance use disorder license. Rogers’ credentials are for a probationary period of at least one year and his employer must provide a quarterly performance review. In 2019, Rogers was convicted of theft in Centralia City Court, and in 2020, the Lewis County Drug Court program ended.

In May 2022, the Pharmaceutical Committee charged Jonathan Wayne Cooper II (VB60744507), an assistant pharmacist, with unprofessional behavior. Cooper was convicted in December 2020 in the Pierce County Supreme Court of assault – domestic violence.

Snohomish County

In May 2022, the nursing program was re-established under the terms of Certified Nursing Joshua Michael Nicholson (NC60804330). Nicholson’s credentials are at least 12 months probationary and his employer must provide an evaluation of his performance.

In May 2022, a registered nursing program charged registered nursing Dani Chea (NA61105935) with unprofessional behavior after allegedly spraying the genitals of a long-term care resident with Clorox, causing the person to burn chemically.

Skagit County

In May 2022, the Chiropractic Commission charged Chiropractor Gordon Aubrey Myco (CH00003460) with unprofessional behavior. He allegedly did not require patients or his clinic staff to wear face shields or to follow social distancing or COVID-19 screening instructions.

Spokane County

In May 2022, the Nursing Commission charged Michael Justin Guzman (RN60802248), a registered nurse, with unprofessional conduct. Guzman was unable to map the patient’s early administration of the drug and did not inform the oncoming nurse. Guzman also stopped taking the patient’s medicine and was unable to monitor or map the patient’s vital signs.

In May 2022, the Secretary of Health conditionally approved Sharyl Lynn Brown’s (CG61096012) agency-related advisor license. Mr Brown was convicted of a number of misdemeanors and crimes between 1994 and 2019, including theft and forgery. Brown agreed to a probationary period through May 2023, a quarterly performance appraisal, and other terms.

In May 2022, the nursing program charged Domanic Russell Shaver (NA61068384) of registered nursing with unprofessional behavior. It is alleged that the shaver stole items from a safe in the customer’s home and placed them. In January 2022, he was charged with theft by the Spokane County Supreme Court. He allegedly sent a picture of his genitals to another carer working from home.

In May 2022, the Minister of Health conditionally approved Jason Louis Estrada’s (CO61287574) license to use the substances as a professional trainee. Between 2007 and 2018, Estrada was convicted several times in Oregon and Idaho, including of criminal assault and drunk driving. He agreed to a three-year probationary period for his license, a professional oversight of his practice, and a quarterly performance review.

In May 2022, the Substance Abuse Trainee Program accused Roxanne Sanchez, a substance abuse trainee (CO61036095), of unprofessional behavior after receiving a complaint that Sanchez allegedly attempted to falsify a drug test and borrowed money from patients and co-workers. Sanchez was unable to provide the required explanation for these allegations.

Idaho: In May 2022, the Dental Commission and dentist Emerson Grant Godbolt (DE60548646) signed an agreement that allows a researcher to audit at least 10 patient records over the next year. Godbolt must also be reimbursed $ 2,000, complete advanced training, and pass a law exam. The treatment of a minor patient in Godbolt fell below the standard of care for general anesthesia and treatment, which was not justified by the remarks in the diagram.

What are the divisions of the US Department of Health and Human Services?

Note to editors: Healthcare providers responsible for unprofessional behavior have 20 days to respond in writing to the Department of Health. The case then goes through the resolution process. If no disciplinary agreement is reached, the matter will be referred to the hearing.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Medicare & amp; Medicaid Services (CMS) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

How many operating divisions are in the US Department of Health and Human Services?

What are the departments of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services? In addition to providing human services, HHS also implements programs related to social services, civil rights and healthcare privacy. The two best-known departments of the HHS are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What is the HHS and what organizations does it oversee?

The 11 operating departments of the department are responsible for the administration of various health and human services and for conducting life-saving surveys of the population.

Is WSNA a union?

The mission of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is to improve the health and well-being of all Americans by providing effective health and human services and promoting sound and sustained advances in the underlying sciences of medicine and public health. and social services.

The WSNA is a union for nurses and health professionals in various public or health care settings in the state of Washington. Both public and private sector jobs have WSNA union representation.

How do I cancel my WSNA subscription?

How Many Nurses in Washington State? Registered nurses (RNs) account for the largest share of health care workers in the state and state of Washington, filling nearly 3 million jobs in the United States in 2016. 1 The number of licensed nurses in Washington State has grown from about 71,000 in 2006 to more than 94,000 a year. The year 2018.

  • To waive WSNA-WA fees, follow these steps:
  • Enter your information in the form below and click “Submit”.
  • Click the link on the page that appears to open the custom form. You will also receive an email with a link to your form.
  • Print the form. …
  • Signing and date of the form.

Is Washington State Nurses Association a union?

Send the completed form to the address at the top of the form.

Can a RMA draw blood?

As a union, WSNA represents nurses in more than 45 agencies across the state.

Medical assistants learn the basics of phlebotomy as part of their medical training. However, additional education and certification in phlebotomy is possible. Master’s institutions wishing to work in a medical laboratory or have to take blood in the course of their work may wish to earn an additional certificate.

Can medical assistants draw blood in Massachusetts?

Are you learning to take blood as a medical assistant? The simple answer is no, medical assistants do not take blood unless they have received additional training. The medical certificate, which only covers traditional medical skills, does not provide the necessary training for blood sampling.

Can a medical assistant perform a urinalysis?

Medical assistants perform medical and administrative tasks in a clinical setting, including taking blood, administering medications, performing laboratory tests, and exchanging dressings. According to the rep, they are trained to immunize, but state laws do not allow them to do so.

What is public health governance?

On average, as a medical assistant, you can expect the following: Taking all the necessary measures and providing initial patient care. Collect a sample for blood and urine analysis. Coordination of laboratory samples and pharmacy prescriptions.

Management functions (six functions of public health management) Identified functions for which the public health regulatory unit is responsible. The six functions of public health management are policy development, resource management, legal authority, partner involvement, continuous improvement and monitoring.

What is global health governance?

What is public health management? Governance involves the development of evidence-based policies that inform decision-making on public health issues, in line with key governance principles such as fairness, accountability, transparency and participation.

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