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Michigan’s main health system stated that Friday will follow the guidelines of the state’s abortion law in 1931 and only allow abortions to terminate a pregnancy if necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman after a significant decision by the Court and in the U.S. Supreme Court to turn Roe v. Wade.

But hours later, BHSH System President and CEO Tina Freese Decker sent a second message to staff to provide “further explanation,” saying “we will continue to provide high quality birth control to all women.” Both Michigan. Both Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health have a history of abortions when a mother’s life is in danger and the BHSH System will continue to do so. “

Despite Roe’s remarks, abortion is still legal in Michigan – for now – due to a temporary injunction barring the implementation of state law banning all cases without saving the life of the pregnant woman. It is unclear where the courts will take the matter in Michigan, leaving health systems, including the BHSH System, still struggling with the uncertain legal status.

Freese Decker says the health system has set up a management committee, which has a number of options to provide guidance to physicians and medical teams.

“As has become our custom Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health and will continue to be our tradition, all non-emergency situations where abortion is considered medically necessary will be closely monitored,” he said. he said in a second message given by a health care spokesman. Mark Geary on Friday night.

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Minutes before midnight, he said the message had just been sent to all members of the BHSH System team. She did not answer questions about why the message appears to have changed and whether the health system would allow abortion if necessary to save the life of the pregnant woman.

In an earlier message to employees acquired by Free Press, Freese Decker stated: “Previously, BHSH System policies and procedures allowed for the termination of pregnancy for medical symptoms, as needed to prevent these risks. deep in a woman’s life or in a situation in which the baby is in the womb.

“In the judgment of the Supreme Court, the BHSH System’s new policy and procedures will adhere to the Michigan 1931 law and allow for the termination of a pregnancy if necessary to save a woman’s life.”

On Twitter and in the email release received after 10 p.m. Friday, U.S. Ambassador Andy Levin, D-Bloomfield Township, appealed to the BHSH System “to change the policy immediately, continuing to allow their providers to provide patients with the health care they are entitled to. the current law, and not to go around the courts. ”

“We must be clear: abortion is still legal in Michigan. Judge Elizabeth Gleicher issued the first order to stop the operation of the 1931 law if Roe v. Wade could be overturned,” Levin, a member of the House Pro-Choice Caucus. “However, on the day the Supreme Court released their decision Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned Roe, the BHSH System sent a message to all staff members that the entire system was ready to follow. Act of 1931. “

In his second message, Freese Decker stated that there was a “lack of legal sense” about the law and its operation, and that the hospital administration was “seeking clarity.”

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Earlier this year, Grand Rapids-based Spectrum Health merged with Beaumont Health in southeastern Michigan, calling itself BHSH System for a while.

In his release, Levin said that the Kent County prosecutor, where Grand Rapids is located, appealed to Gleicher’s views: “The politics of Kent County should not require my people in southeastern Michigan health care. “

Some health care systems also make decisions or negotiations based on new legal status.

Michigan Medicine announced on its Facebook page Friday that it will continue to provide fertility services, including abortion care. It said it provides a lot of abortions for patients in need of hospital-level care.

“Most of the patients we see are found to have a baby problem or have other problems that make the ongoing pregnancy and delivery more risky, or they have serious illnesses or other needs. which makes abortion care impossible, “she said. “Our commitment is to be available for those who need the special care we can provide.”

Henry Ford Health stated in a statement that we as health care providers “have an unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of those we serve, and we have a responsibility to address this issue through a lens. for medical purposes to our future patients.their families.

“Sometimes those patients face stressful situations – even life-threatening conditions – and turn to us as their health counselors to guide them – or, at times, to they save – with our medical expertise. The rules come from Roe v. Wade, our commitment to support people in their health journey remains. “

Michigan’s top doctor and others in the district medical department have expressed concern after Roe’s treatment, while some health care providers say they are working to understand what could affect the decision in hospitals, patients and service providers.

Abortion is still legal in Michigan, but that could change if a temporary injunction against a state abortion law were lifted or abolished. The 1931 law only allows abortions “necessary to save the life of such a woman,” a vague measure that has not been examined by doctors and courts for decades, and does not allow exceptions in civil cases. rape or incest.

“Decisions about terminating or continuing to get pregnant should be made by a woman who has her family advice, her beliefs and her doctor – not in politics,” Drs. Natasha Bagdasarian, director of state medicine, said in a statement Friday.

“As a physician, I know that the decision of the United States Supreme Court to overturn almost half a century to prevent legal abortions tarnishes the trustworthy relationship between the patient and their physician And it clarifies how complex laws such as the Michigan 1931 ban on abortion are to be fully implemented. “

Bagdasarian says he is concerned about how the decision will “adversely affect the health outcomes for women and children, especially women and children of color as they have significant differences in overall health outcomes. “

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Bagdasarian said court opinion and national law “will not only punish women seeking abortion care, but will also punish and criminally provide health care providers dedicated to providing the best possible care. to their – and then physicians will be obliged to choose to honor our oath to our patients, our communities and our profession, or to maintain an unfair and discriminatory and non-discriminatory law aspirations for the majority of Michigan residents. ”

There were 30,074 abortions reported in Michigan last year, an increase of 1.4% from 2020, according to an annual abortion report released this month by the state health department.

Abortion removes a pregnancy by medication or medical procedure, according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

This figure was a decrease of 38.7% since 1987, with the highest number of abortions in the district reported at 49,098.

Michigan residents experienced about 95% of abortions in the country last year, according to a report.

Of all abortions performed in the past year, including residents and non-residents, it said, about 89% affected pregnant women 12 weeks or less. Less than half of pregnant women who had abortions in Michigan in 2021 had never had an abortion before.

Eighty-five percent of Michigan abortion women were unmarried, according to the report, and about 35% of the population receiving one was less than 25 years, and 7.6% are under 20 years of age.

The Michigan National Association and a professional association of registered nurses and health care professionals reaffirmed their support for maternal health freedom on Friday.

“Maternity care is a health care, clear and simple, and access to health care is a fundamental human right. Danger to human health – especially people of color and low income – it is real without complete and legal protection of care, “said party president Jamie Brown.

“I agree with the majority of Michigan residents who believe that people should decide what action to take for their health and well-being; health decisions should be made by patients collectively. and their providers of health care, not restrictions. government. “

Brown said the organization supported the Gretchen Whitmer Government’s claim before the Michigan Supreme Court declaring the 1931 state law unconstitutional and Michigan’s policy of Reproductive Freedom for All.

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Brian Peters, CEO of Michigan Health & amp; The Association of Hospitals, has stated that the decision will also “have practical implications for hospitals, patients and providers. Hospitals have long explored any changes that may need to be made. take effect if today’s decision was fulfilled and we expect hospitals to start working in. put those changes in motion.

“MHA is in the process of understanding the implications of these changes and providing education to our members. Above all, we will seek legal guidance to protect health care providers and patients from being held accountable. any deliberate crime, abuse or adverse health consequences due to the lack of clarity in Michigan law regarding reproductive health services. “

Kevin McFatridge, chief executive officer of the Michigan State Medical Society, said that individual physicians have “strong, solid beliefs about abortion” and as the Michigan Medical Association “we say respect those beliefs. “

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He said the decision “takes what has often been controversial and establishes real and effective public policy decisions on how abortion should be regulated in Michigan.”

Philip Van Hulle, a spokesman for Wayne State University Medical School, said authorities were examining what the decision could mean for medical education.

“At this time, we do not believe that it will have any effect on medical education as the SCOTUS decision does not prevent / prevent abortion, and has nothing to say about medical education,” he said.

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