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Thursday, June 23, 2022 & # xD;

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As the summer season begins with an increase in travel and major events and gatherings, Bay Area health officials are urging people to protect themselves against the monkeypox virus. , which spreads through prolonged skin-to-skin contact and body fluids, such as through crowded settings or sexual contact. . & # xD;

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The warning from nine health jurisdictions comes as cases – which appear on individuals as rashes and distinctive wounds that may look like blisters or pimples – continue to emerge in the Bay Area, the nation and the globe. Monkeypox is not new, but this is the first time this virus has spread to so many countries at once. & # XD;

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Most cases of monkeypox resolve on their own, although they can be serious. The disease often begins with flu-like symptoms before a rash appears and can last from 2 to 4 weeks. Post-exposure vaccination is available through healthcare providers. & # XD;

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How to protect yourself:

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How to protect others:

Unlike easily airborne COVID-19, the risk of monkeypox to the general public is currently low unless they engage in higher-risk behavior. Having sex with multiple sexual partners can increase a person’s risk of becoming infected when monkeypox spreads in the community. Be aware of crowded indoor spaces where people have close skin-to-skin contact, sex, kissing, and close breathing. The virus can also be spread through clothes or bedding. & # XD;

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Most of the cases currently being reported are within networks of self-identified gay and bisexual men, trans people, and men who have sex with men. This may interest you : Do you need a library update? Aesop gives away free books by LGBTQ + authors. People in these networks are currently at higher risk, although people of any sexual orientation or gender identity can be infected and spread monkeypox. & # XD;

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