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The Arkansas Department of Health regulates the sale of food in places including restaurants, bars, day care centers, schools, grocery stores, convenience stores, bed and breakfast facilities, hotels/motels, mobile units and concession stands. Inspections are conducted without notice by environmental health professionals.

Electronic copies of retail food inspection reports are available on the Arkansas Food Inspection Portal. To access the portal, visit the food safety page on the Arkansas Department of Health website at

• SUPER 1 FOODS, 1605 E. Harding Ave Complaint review date Aug. Dead or trapped birds, insects, rodents and other pests will be removed from control equipment and areas at a frequency that prevents their accumulation, decay or pest attraction.

• SOBRIETY LIVING CENTER, 2001 W. Fifth Ave. Date of examination Aug. 3. At least one EMPLOYEE who has the responsibility to supervise and control and the authority to control and supervise the preparation and service of FOOD shall be a certified FOOD safety manager who has demonstrated competence. of information required to pass the test that is part of the ACCREDITED PROGRAM.

• HARDING FOOD MART, 10900 Highway 270, White Hall. Exam date August . Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) Food will be kept hot at or above 135.0°F, as measured by an internal probe thermometer, to minimize bacterial growth. Food from the safe temperature was taken out during the inspection. He observed a ham and sliced ​​tomato in the refrigerator that the employee was not sure if it was opened or cut. Food prepared and held for more than 24 hours shall be clearly marked to indicate the date or days on which the food shall be consumed, sold or disposed of within 7 days. damaged. PHYSICAL FUNCTIONS will be maintained in good condition.

• SAMS SOUTHERN EATERY, 7003 Dollarway Road, White Hall. Date of examination Aug. 3. Note: Cut tomatoes, hamburger patties, cut vegetables 60 Degrees in prep cooler, and unit. Corrective Action: Discarded all Temperature Sensitive products.Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) Food will be kept cold at a temperature of 41.0°F or less, as measured by an internal probe thermometer , to reduce bacterial growth. I couldn’t find thermometers in all the food coolers. Keep them visible. Many unlabeled dishes. Foods not in original packaging used in the Establishment must be identified by the common name of the Food. Many dishes are dirty. Keep them clean. Cook has no hair restriction. Food handlers must wear effective hair restraints. Hats, nets, ponytails, etc. Wash using wipes with a sanitizer solution between jobs. The preparation and storage areas are not designed for easy cleaning. Valid when updated. Materials that are visibly contaminated. Keep all equipment clean to sight and touch. Install bathroom door closers. Observation: Damaged preparation and storage areas. Corrective Action: BODY WORKS shall be maintained in good condition. Note: Processing and storage areas are contaminated. Corrective Action: Clean body parts as often as necessary to keep them clean. Note: The USA Food Program indicates, “business expired license.” Corrective Action: It is illegal to operate a restaurant without a valid permit. Contact the billing office at 501-661-2171 to ensure compliance. From the temperature of the TSC material discarded after sampling. Manager is to use time as a health control to prep c ooler until the unit is repaired. No more leaving the product to cool overnight.

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