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The incarcerated population of three California prisons raised $36,600 through food sales to benefit community nonprofits. Institutions included the California City Correctional Facility, Pleasant Valley State Prison, and the California Health Care Facility.

Pleasant Valley raises $14k to help children

Food drive fundraisers at Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP) help children in the community. To see also : 7 Places to Travel This Autumn.

Warden (A) Ron Godwin, Deputy Warden Maria Faulkner and administrative staff at the jail have encouraged incarcerated activity groups to find organizations that primarily serve children. For the first fundraiser of the year, the incarcerated population selected two organizations, raising $14,810.

A longtime favorite charity of the incarcerated population, Valley Children’s Hospital is often chosen as the recipient of their fundraising efforts because of the important work they do in pediatric healthcare. As one of the only pediatric hospitals in the San Joaquin Valley, they serve the large population of children in the area.

The other selected charity, Courted Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Fresno and Madera Counties, serves foster youth in the region. They guide children through the sometimes difficult and confusing legal process. Wilma Hashimoto, executive director of CASA, noted that during the pandemic, volunteer advocates were encouraged to help find creative solutions in the new online environment so that children did not fall behind academically.

Valley Children’s Healthcare: Ways to Give | Valley Children’s Healthcare (

CASA Fresno Madera: Ways to Give – CASA of Fresno Madera Counties (

CHCF donates over $3,700 to at-risk kids

California Health Care Facility incarcerated population and staff were honored to donate $3,749 to the Children’s Home of Stockton. The recipient is a local non-profit organization that offers comprehensive educational and therapeutic services to young people.

The orphanage is one of the largest social service organizations in Stockton. For over 140 years, the home has served at-risk youth in San Joaquin County and throughout California. See the article : Fighting Food Security in Chicago’s Latino Communities | Latino Voices | Chicago News | WTTW. The funds were collected by 400 imprisoned people placed at facility E.

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