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Joint Statement on the US-Moldova Strategic Dialogue – United … How Xi and Putin’s new friendship could test the US Marcos defended the US military presence, which China opposes Does the United States owe Iraq an apology? US Navy rejects Chinese claims that warship entered part of South China Sea illegally Holders of tourist or business visas in the United States can apply for jobs, give interviews United States: April 2023 Visa Bulletin – EB-2 rollbacks for all countries except China; EB-3 Advances from China… The United States allows tourists to apply for jobs, give interviews while on a tourist or business visa Mint Report to Congress on Iran and US Policy Pulling the Plug on TikTok will be more difficult than it seems

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Google Offers to Separate Ad-Tech Business To Prevent Antitrust Suit
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According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has proposed segregating parts of…

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6 ways a member of Amazon Prime won’t save money
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You Don’t Shop at Amazon Let’s start with the most obvious reason…

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