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Lakeshore Employee Testing Services is located at 15 E. Main St., Fredonia.

Lakeshore Employee Testing Services has been in business since 1994, serving as a third-party administrator and helping businesses succeed in managing their programs without worry so that employers can continue to concentrate on the things that matter most, such as -running their business.

Lakeshore Employee Testing Services is a third-party administrator of directly observed testing and assists companies in offering a drug-free environment. Offers on-site services and training programs. It also conducts fingerprinting services for the following but not limited to Employment, Adoption, Security license, Pistol Permit.

The business was bought by Clark Langford in 1997. Since 1997, it has been located behind the Basil dealership on Route 20 in Fredonia. “In 2010, my father decided to retire and take it easy. At that time the business was sold to me, his son Scott Langford. I started making some small changes like creating a website, Facebook page etc. in an attempt to grow the business. Although the space was great for our needs, over time it became clear that it was difficult for customers to find as it was set back from the street. Due to a lack of visibility, many people we spoke to did not know who we were, what we did or where we were,” said Scott Langford.

After a few years of searching for a more accessible location, the business found an opening at 15 E. Main St., Fredonia. This new location will provide easier access for customers and more visibility for potential customers.

“I feel this new location will help us get to know the surrounding downtown businesses and become a more active part of the community,” Langford said.

Office hours are from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. From Monday to Friday. The office phone number is 716-672-5387.

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