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Bayonne Business Manager Melissa Mathews was spotted by the departure of Mayor James Davis.

In a letter dated June 27, Davis informed Mathews that he would not be re-appointed as Business Manager (BA) in July. Mathews’ term ends on June 30, according to the letter, and no new season will be announced on July 1st.

Prior to taking on the role of BA, Mathews was Clerk I with the Planning and Development Division. The letter stated that she had apparently taken leave from her position as Clerk to become a BA, and therefore could return to that position from July 1.

In anticipation of this, the letter asks Mathews to remove all personal items from the office it is currently in by June 30. These items may be transferred to the possible workplace of the Planning and Development Department, the letter said. says.

The letter goes on to instruct Mathews to leave computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, texts, documents, computers, storage devices, paper files, computer files, and other devices such as keys, ID cards, and cards. passport obtained or designated. near the city. Everything needed will be provided by July 1, according to the letter.

All computer keys created by Mathews, obtained by her or her representative, or assigned to her business in the City during her term of office shall be disclosed and delivered to Anthony Kufta no later than 4 p.m. June 30. It is unclear whether Mathews will actually return to the Planning and Area Department, which has stepped down from its current position.

The letter concluded: “On behalf of the city and the elected officials, thank you for your service as a director for the residents of Bayon.” Davis signed the letter, marked “hand only” at the top.

Complicated business manager

Mathews made history when she became the first BA woman in the city in 2020. Her nomination was approved by the City Council, who at that meeting defended Mathews certificates despite criticism from political gadflies.

Even Davis was happy to hire at the time, saying: “She has excellent academic credentials and experience in planning and area, investment banking, technology, non-profit organizations, and community activities. I am very proud that I appoint the first woman to serve as a business manager in Bayonne. “

However, Mathews’ mistreatment of her staff while she was a BA quickly led to her filing a discrimination lawsuit, accusing Bayonne City Hall of being a “boy gang” with “toxic behavior.” ah. “

With the judge dismissing two former city employees at the case center, former Assistant Business Manager Mark Bonamo and former Local Government Director Tim Boyle, Mathews failed to appeal the decision through. modified complaint.

However, the remainder of the lawsuit against Davis and other city officials is still pending before the Hudson County High Court.

Mathews was backed by a statement from City Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski following the news of her discrimination case. Afterwards, Mathews supported the campaign of Mayor Ashe-Nadrowski who specifically wanted to improve the “cut” nature of the Hall of Fame.

Now that the non-partisan local government election is over, and Davisna has been re-elected for a third term, it looks like he is cleaning up the house of those who “don’t want it” as Legal Director Jay Coffey has already said of Mathews behavior. An audible voice revealed in 2021 during the election.

When asked how she felt about the situation, Mathews said: “At least she didn’t hire a man who hit me to kill me.”

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