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Andrew Ubben

Staff Writer


Dustin and Sarah Bower, the heart of Sentry Plumbing LLC operations, welcome the interest of their mascots Moby, chocolate lab, and Harlee, a white German shepherd.

Sentry Plumbing LLC, a residential real estate business, has been operating and operating since April 18 in Marshalltown serving residents of the Marshall, News, Tama, and Jasper counties in central Iowa, and the company recently celebrated joining the Marshalltown Area Chamber. of Commerce has a cutting ribbon on June 14th.

Retired 21-year Army veteran Dustin Bower is a Sentry pump with about a decade of experience under his belt, often working in the Ames area with Hartwig Plumbing and Heating in Marshalltown. His wife Sarah formerly worked in health care, has office experience from a mobile company and now manages Sentry office supplies. Strengthening their business is not about selling pump services that can be completed several times a day, putting them at risk as needed.

“We’re really focused on residential work,” Sarah said. “We don’t do great models. We do not perform tasks that take many days. We’re really just doing ‘You need help. You need it now. We are trying to get there as quickly as we can to help you. ‘”

Sentry is also an expert in drainage, part of the water pipes are usually overlooked in this area. With fewer people repairing drains, the waiting times for work can be many days for customers waiting and wondering how long their plumbing issues will continue. Dustin and Sarah place a high value on informing people about the job, including the time and cost of the job.

Sentry Plumbing LCC can be found on Facebook or their website at Their phone number is (641) 750-0108.

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