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The US and Europe are moving closer to using Russian funds to help Ukraine US PGA Championship winners The State Department is issuing a worldwide travel alert State Department of Travel Advisory Issues | OUT Review: ‘Fallout’ Adaptation Turns the Script on US-China Rivalry Biden’s plan to let Gazans into the US could backfire: ‘Brainwashed by Hamas,’ warns expert US announces new sanctions over North Korea-Russia arms transfer Ukraine Asks US to Provide More Intelligence on Targets in Russia Impact of sports betting on North Carolina greater than expected Record travel expected this Memorial Day weekend

Women in Business: Amy Wenger

Class 2022 Business Women Amy Wenger Vice President, Northwest Arkansas University of Arkansas School of Medical Sciences, Fayetteville Education: BS., Health / Science, University of Arkansas; M.H.S.A., University of Arkansas at Little Rock Professional background: In 2021, Wenger has been appointed vice-president of the UAMS North West Regional Center. Since 2005, the Fayetteville native has served in various leadership roles at UAMS, including vice president of state headquarters and chief of staff to the Chancellor. She has also served as director of several positions such as gynecology, surgical and nursing specialties, and business nursing and psychiatric research institute. What wasRead News

How to Establish a Clear Competitive Advantage (and Make Your Business an Attractive Acquisition Target)

The opinions expressed by the Entrepreneurs’ associates are their own. If your exit strategy is to grow your business until it is able to be bought by a larger company, you cannot play it safe. A secure, conservative business with predictable income and slow growth is not attractive to most large organizations. They want to acquire companies that are different and separate. You can position your business in that light by establishing a clear competitive advantage. It’s impossible for someone outside your organization to tell you exactly how to establish a competitive advantage (after all, if everyone could see theRead News

NCET Biz Tips: Juxtaporing art to grow your business

Learning How to Start and Stop Time An experience that many artists can guarantee by looking at a particular design, tool in hand, without the need for a guide. Hands are blue, thinking of where to start despite juggling each different area on a regular basis. Sitting there for days or even weeks puts the vision behind you, while, too, small business owners face similar resistance when they jump on the bandwagon of business. Billowing with doubt and considering any potential failures while ignoring the thought of success. Just as you have to put the first print on the design,Read News

Abbott, the Governor’s Commission for Women announces the Women-Owned Business Series

AUSTIN Governor Greg Abbott and the Governor’s Commission for Women announced in a press release on Monday the 2022 Women’s Property Business Series starting with four webinars weekly from 31 August to 21 September. The webinars will include experts in the subject offering actionable advice to Texas business owners and women entrepreneurs on starting, growing and supporting a business. “Texas is home to 1.25 million women business owners,” Abbott said in a statement. “I am especially proud to lead the nation for jobs created by Hispanic women, African American women, and veteran women business owners. Women who invest in themselvesRead News

Electricity bill more than doubled for local businesses

PHILADELPHIA HOME, NEW YORK (WWNY) – It’s usually the heat that takes a bite out of your budget. But with warmer weather here, utility companies are telling customers higher energy prices are here to stay. At North Country Store, a deli in the city of Philadelphia, the cost of refrigerating meat and cheeses is rising sharply this year. “The cost of groceries is already going up. I mean, everything I buy is looking at a 20 to 50% increase, ”said store manager Matthew Montroy. He says his business is feeling the pain from inflation from all sides, including his electricityRead News

The diversity business case is being pushed back

Linking diversity to earnings can be a nuisance for low-replacement teams. Business spending on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has risen over the past decade. The global DEI market is projected to reach $ 7.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to double by 2026. To justify these initiatives, many organizations say that a diverse staff is good for business. These organizations show that their diversity efforts will lead to improvements by increasing the efficiency of the organization, improving morale, and improving productivity. Now experts have warned that using this business case to justify diversity initiatives could backfire. New researchRead News

Google says it’s time to pay for longtime small business users

Does Google offer free websites? Google Sites is free to use, up to a point. You will not be charged for certain features or support like other site builders, but there is a charge once you reach the specified storage limit. And you will have to pay for your website if you decide not to use what you have been given by Google Websites. What is Google Site used for? Google Sites is a free website builder from Google. You can create websites with helpers by giving another Google user the opportunity to edit. Google Sites interacts with other GoogleRead News

Get 40% Off Official Elden Ring Strategy Guides

If you’re having trouble with the latest From Software game, you might be interested to know that you can currently get $ 20 off Elden Ring’s upcoming strategy and lore books. Available for pre-order now before the July 29 release, both volumes enjoy a very healthy 40% discount on Amazon. For example, Vol 1: The Lands Between now costs $ 29.99 (opens in a new tab) instead of nearly $ 50. Meanwhile, Vol 2: Shards of the Shattering is also priced significantly reduced by $ 29, 99 (opens in a new tab). While we’ll obviously point you to our EldenRead News

8 books to read for Yuniteenth |

Juneteenth, June 19 (marked this year with a day off for many on June 20), celebrates the day enslaved people in Texas finally learned they had been freed more than two years after the law was signed. Emancipation Proclamation, and serves as a more general celebration of Black resilience, achievement, and joy. Texans and many African-Americans have long celebrated it, but if you don’t already have many traditions to mark the holiday (or you’re in the market for more), why not acknowledge the day with a little reading to wake you up? to speed up its history and meaning? Fortunately,Read News

Thomaston Grammar School students write non-fiction books with the help of a professional author

THOMASTON – The Georges River Educational Foundation funded a guest author for Thomaston High School students this spring. Students first explored Maine animals during a library technology class with teacher Laurie Walsh. They chose mammals, birds, insects and reptiles and amphibians. After their research, they met through Zoom with children’s non-fiction writer Kim Ridley, who made the entire school assembly and then taught them in each class to create a great hook to start their story. Kimberly Ridley is the author of children’s publicist books, including The Secret Pool, which won the Maine Library Association’s Lupine Award for Best PictureRead News

‘We’re Book Activists’: June 1, Recognizing the Role of LA’s Black-Owned Bookstores

Stories like this can only be made with your help! Keep your donation today during our June Member Drive LAist independent, ready to meet the needs of our city, and paywall free. Plus, your gift will be matched by dollars for dollars, so your influence will be doubled! Thank you for your partnership. As a young man, Malik Muhammad believed he would return home to Washington, D.C., with his MSU degree to pursue a quiet career in federal government positions. Then books came to them and shook the foundations of Muhammad. Books that challenged his concepts of Black history –Read News

‘Badger Books’ on the way to Stoughton Education

What is Stoughton WI famous for? Known for its Norwegian heritage, Stoughton hosts a city-wide celebration of Syttende Mai, the Norwegian Constitution Day. Does Stoughton have mayor? Mayor (executive): The current Mayor of the City of Stoughton is Tim Swadley. The mayor is elected every four years at large for a four-year term. Where is the best place to live in Madison Wisconsin? To help you narrow your search, here are the five best neighborhoods to live in Madison in 2019. Wexford. When your beer pong and pub days are behind you, Wexford offers a respite away from the collegeRead News

After COVID, South Korean youth investors exchanged professional shares

Incheon, South Korea – Kim, 35, did not explicitly dispute when his wife began investing in art three years ago, but she had her doubts. “I told him I’d be fine as long as you wanted to,” Al Jazeera told the video game designer, who only asked to be identified by his last name. “But I was secretly wondering why not just invest that money in stocks or something?” But over time, Kim began to realize how art could provide an escape from the COVID-19 pandemic and the monotony of work. Last year he joined him in collecting fine arts.Read News

Celebrate the arts in Georgetown this Summer

Georgetown City Council is looking for individuals to showcase their work and artistic ability, as well as proposals for the next round of Arts and Culture Fellowships. The Arts and Culture Program has also organized a quarterly lunch. Looking for Applicants for the 2022-23 Sculpture Tour Georgetown City Council is looking for tickets for the 2022-23 Sculpture Tour, with a jury from the busy Georgetown Cultural District for a year-round outdoor exhibition. Applications will be accepted from 12:01 to 23:59 on June 1st. August 1. Each sculptor can submit a maximum of three sculptures for consideration. The Georgetown Arts andRead News

Backstage at the 2022 Utah Arts Festival: A sure winner at this year’s Art Yard for Kids: Dinosaurs!

When it comes to facts about dinosaurs, children seem to know enough to suggest that they have already begun to become budding paleontologists. In Utah, dinosaurs are always a popular topic. Geologists and paleontologists have developed a timeline that spans many millions of years while documenting the existence of more than 115 species. Allosaurus is Utah’s state fossil. An expedition in 1857 in southern Utah led to the discovery of the bones of Dystrophaeus, known as the rarest, oldest and first example of a sauropod dinosaur in western North America. Brachiosaurus, which is estimated to have weighed 80 tons orRead News

This New Show Just Beat The Boys On Prime Video

Boys is one of the best Video shows, but it is not currently the No. 1 TV series in the service. That is because it has now been removed from the new show, Summer I Turned Pretty. The third season of adaptation of the comic book Amazon has now released its fifth installment. Last Friday. The adaptation of the comedy series Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson has always been good, but season 3 has pushed that to new levels. Unfortunately, goodness does not always beat a new one, and Summer I Turned Pretty stole the top spot itself. What isRead News

Prime Video Schedule Additions: New TV & Movies Arrival June 20-26

Summer seems to be the perfect time of year to fall in love. Six singles looking for love in Prime Video’s The One That Got Away. The upcoming Prime Original show will debut on June 24 and will surprise its main characters with people from their past. Elan Gale (franchise Bachelor, FBoy Island) is the executive producer and presenter, Gabe Turner (The Late Late Show with James Corden) and Caroline Roseman (Ex on the Beach, An Audience with Adele) are also the executive producers. Amazon Studios co-produced The One That Got Away with Fulwell 73 Productions. “It has been saidRead News

Why I Hate Amazon Prime Video – And Why I’m Still Watching It

Amazon Prime Video is undoubtedly a heavy hitter in the streaming wars. Since it launched in 2014, it has been a steady source of streaming television, movies, and even live sports, making it a reliable choice and full of variety when it comes to the plentiful streaming options in 2022. Given this heartfelt introduction, you can be forgiven for forming the impression that I have a soft spot for Prime Video when, in fact, the opposite is true. In reality, Prime Video ranges from frustrating to downright unpleasant to use. Every time I open the godforsaken app, the idea ofRead News

The Hidden Sci-Fi Gem on Main Video That You Must Watch

Archive, a 2020 sci-fi movie streaming on Prime Video – is primarily a story about robots. A trio of robots populate the world of its history. But instead of the more realistic CGI that money can buy, Archive robots are clearly people who move as best they can inside thick robot suits. It’s both fun and fantastic. The archive comes from Gavin Rothery, a graphic designer who played a very important role not only in the concepts, but also in the creation of the captivating sci-fi piece Moon of 2009. Although Archive is not so hypnotically disturbing. like Moon, itsRead News

Best Summer Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime Video

We all have Amazon Prime. Delivery services have made life so much easier because we can buy almost anything we want from the comfort of our own homes. With that said, what about their streaming service? Prime Video is part of your Amazon subscription, but most people rarely use it. Some don’t even know it exists. With summer in full swing, here is a guide to the 15 best movies you can stream on Prime Video. Let’s get the best staycation with amazing movie catalog. No Time To Die (2021) Showtime: 2 hours 43 minutes Written by: Neal Purvis, RobertRead News

Uncharted with Tom Holland will hit Netflix in July 2022

Tom Holland and Sophia Taylor Ali star in Columbia Pictures’ UNCHARTED. Photo by: Clay Enos If you need a little more Tom Holland in your life and on your Netflix watchlist, a new movie starring the talented actor and action star is due out in July 2022. Uncharted, the latest blockbuster from the man also known as Peter Parker, brings some adventure to our summer. Based on the series of action-adventure video games from Sony and PlayStation, Uncharted stars Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, a bartender and pickpocket who is approached by Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to help himRead News

After Deaths During the Filming, Netflix Suspends Production And An Investigation Is Done

The safety of movies and TV sets has been a hot topic for several years now, thanks in large part to a few tragedies in gruesome locations. While the investigation into Rust’s shooting is still ongoing, another grisly accident has occurred related to the Netflix series The Chosen One. And after several deaths occurred in the midst of filming, Netflix suspended production and an investigation is underway. The public was shocked a few days ago when it was revealed that two actors had died and another was injured in a van crash related to Netflix’s The Chosen One. The seriesRead News

This mysterious new Netflix crime show is so captivating and tense

“We may not know what led to the murder, but we don’t need to prove the cause,” the state’s attorney said in a voice, while revealing the background the head of the defendant in the new Netflix You Don’t Know Me. He then walked up to many witnesses in support of the government’s cause. Signs of the victim’s blood were found on the defendant. Cell phone records and CCTV footage show him being held at the crime scene. It’s a simple collection. Then we got a name card for the order, almost a protest against the state attorney. Write inRead News

The besieged Netflix has reportedly cut its workforce once again

Streaming outfit Netflix is ​​reportedly getting ready to fire more people just weeks after the last round of the firing. May saw the besieged Netflix release around 150 people due to ongoing concerns over a recent loss of nearly a quarter of a million subscribers. The company’s stock price has also taken a dive – it was worth around $ 600 per share at the turn of the year, while a single share in the NFLX will now set you back just $ 175. Variety now reports that sources believe more layoffs are coming, although it is not clear whichRead News

Top Netflix Movies and Shows: What Goes On June 20, 2022

Coming off of Father’s Day and the weekend of June, Netflix’s top movies and shows list got some upheaval, at least after you step out of the number one titles in any relevant rankings. In the last few days, popular movies such as Stephen King’s scary 2017 adaptation have come out of nowhere to give Netflix’s original 2022 movie Spiderhead a run for its money. And while Stranger Things remains as popular as it was last week, the rest of the spots on the TV trending list are up for grabs. Let’s take a look at some of the mostRead News