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Their League – Courtesy of Prime Video

A League of Their Own is coming to Prime Video this weekend. What time can you start playing all the episodes?

If the title looks familiar, that’s because it is. You’ll be familiar with the Penny Marshall film of the same name from 1992. The new TV series coming to Prime Video is a spin-off of the same story. The difference is more time to tell more stories.

A League of Their Own follows Carson and Max as they make their own way in baseball. It is the 1940s and the United States is facing change due to the ongoing war. These women are focused on making it clear that they have a place in the baseball world.

A League of Their Own release time on Prime Video

Now you just need to know what time you can stream the episodes. To see also : Where will Netflix be in 5 years?. It will all drop at once, and the official date is Friday, August 12th.

This is an Amazon Original World Series. This is great for us in the US because the time zones work in our favor. A League of Their Own will drop at midnight GMT on Friday 12th August. That means we’re looking at around 7 p.m. ET/4:00 p.m. PT on Thursday, August 11.

This early release time is not guaranteed. It happens more often than not, but sometimes we have to wait a few hours. Still, the series will be worth the wait, especially since this will be a binge-watching release.

This weekend will be an important series to watch. Prime Video has made some disappointing cancellations recently, which means this show is an immediate concern. Time to show Prime Video that we need more of their own league.

A League of Their Own arrives on Prime Video on Friday, August 12.

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