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Actor Fahadh Faasil’s survival drama film ‘Malayankunju’ will make its OTT debut on Prime Video on August 11, the streamer announced Monday. The Malayalam film is written by Mahesh Narayanan and directed by Sajimon Prabhakar.

Also starring Rajisha Vijayan and Indrans in pivotal roles, ‘Malayankunju’ is an emotional story of survival, when a man gets caught in a landslide.

According to a press release, the movie was shot 40 feet below ground level and has surreal sequences that take a usual survival story to a different level.

Faasil said that ‘Malayankunju’ turned out to be “one of the toughest movies” of his career.

“‘Malayankunju’ is one of the toughest movies I’ve shot so far. The second half of the movie is set 40 feet underground, so we had to create a set where we had to crouch and crawl,” Faasil, who turned 40. on Monday, it said in a statement.

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Released in theaters on July 22, the film received rave reviews from critics and viewers.

Follow the journey of Anil (Fahad), a short-tempered electronics technician who leads a quiet life with his mother.

“Her daily routines are disrupted when her neighbor’s newborn baby stirs up unwanted memories of her past. A person of many nuances, Anil’s connection to the baby and her struggle to survive under the rubble of an intense landslide forms the crux of the narrative,” read the official synopsis.

Faasil, known for critically acclaimed movies like ‘Joji’, ‘C U Soon’, ‘Malik’ and ‘Vikram’, said he hopes more people will get excited about ‘Malayankunju’ upon its release on Prime Video.

“Malayalam cinema has not seen a film like this in recent times and I am glad that audiences and critics have appreciated our efforts. Our industry has been loved by a global audience and we are excited for my fourth collaboration with Prime Video after ‘CU Soon’, ‘Joji’ and ‘Malik’.

“I hope that ‘Malayankunji’ reaches a large audience through this streaming platform and I can’t wait to hear from a new audience group,” he said.

Prabhakar praised his leading man and said that the actor has given a wonderful performance in the film.

“‘Malayankunju’ is a fascinating story and Fahadh is simply brilliant at it. Despite the difficult circumstances, Fahadh gave a wonderful performance that has been applauded by moviegoers. Now we look forward to understanding how audiences around the world react to this exciting thrillers”. the manager said.

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