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Art and culture enthusiasts can now feast on photographs, readings, films and numerous demonstrations by artists of all kinds, all in one place and for free.

A new event, the “Midsummer Cultural Celebration”, will be held at the Red Brick Center for the Arts from 4pm to 7pm. Today’s event is a showcase for resident artists and nonprofits who call the Red Brick Center their home.

“We want people to see what we’re doing at this gem in the heart of the city,” said Alison Viola, the centre’s artistic programming coordinator and organizer of the Midsummer Cultural Celebration. “There are so many things happening.”

The artists and performers will be in the corridors and rooms of the building and in the front lawn, with different activities scheduled during the afternoon and evening. Food, beer and wine stations and a bar set up by the sponsor Lift Vodka are mixed.

“Guests are invited to interact with the artists, join the artistic creation and experience Aspen’s vibrant arts and culture scene,” states a poster from the event.

Within the Red Brick Center there will be a designated area for “open mic” presentations by various artists and demonstrations in the studio rooms.

In the open mic area, Aspen Words will have regular readings starting at 4:15 pm, Jessie Chaney will have an autograph, and Aspen Film will show loops. Art Burrows, Aspen’s longtime graphic designer, photographer and outdoor adventurer will give a photo presentation at 5:15 pm. and 17:45

Demonstrations in various studios will take place starting at 4pm. by artists Michael Bonds, Nancy Kullgren, Caitlin Dunn, Liz Heller and Molly Peacock. Other events will include an engraving station and a watercolor postcard making station.

Outside, the Josefine Mendez Jazz Trio will perform on the west patio from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. The Aspen Theater will present a song from Bright Stars Production at 5:30 pm. Artist Ajax Ax and a network of Earth Force Climate Command artists, activists, designers and thinkers will also perform.

Aspen Public Radio will host a listening party during the event, while Aspen Historical Society will host “re-enactments and roaming”.

“This is a first-time event,” said Sarah Roy, executive director of the Red Brick Center for the Arts. The center partnered with the Aspen Chamber Resort Association to present the event, he noted.

The goal is to transform the event into an annual showcase that attracts local residents and visitors.

“We will definitely build on that,” Roy said.

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