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CONTRIBUTED PHOTO – This piece was made by a very young boy who was struggling to discuss his neglect and abandonment. He didn’t like coming to his sessions, so after he completed this beautiful artwork, YSS staff hung it in a space where he can see it when he comes. When he saw his artwork on display, it brought him a pride he had never felt before. Now he doesn’t think coming to his sessions is that bad. He described his piece as a dinosaur dad, taking care of its baby dinosaur.

The Arts & amp; Culture Alliance launches its third annual art supply in partnership with Marshall County’s YSS.

This year is a special challenge for the community. West Marshall High School’s Student Philanthropy program, L.U.C.C. (Leading Uplifting our Community with Charity), has given $ 1,000 to the arts supply and the community is asked to match those dollars. Every dollar donated up to $ 1,000 will be matched to help raise more than double what has been raised in recent years.

The art delivery began in 2020 when YSS experienced a 75% increase in therapeutic cases due to an increase in anxiety, stress, and fear of COVID-19. Originally, the Arts & amp; Culture Alliance anticipated this effort to be a one-time event. However, the response and benefits that have emerged from these art supplies have far exceeded expectations.

“We have countless stories of young people creating artwork while they are on their healing journey and the results are amazing. You can visit the YSS office in Downtown Marshalltown and find their walls decorated with artwork from their youth. Many of whom previously struggled to attend therapy and programming, are now thrilled to participate because of the pride they feel in seeing their artwork exhibited, ”said Amber Danielson, executive director of Arts & Culture Alliance.

In 2022, from January to June, YSS saw an increase of 250% in customers coming for medication management. Young people are particularly vulnerable because they are often unable to naturally express how they feel orally. However, therapists at YSS can connect with their feelings more effectively through creative means. Art provides a way to express how they feel through color and content. The value of art – written poetry, drawn pictures, etc., often says more than the spoken word, especially those with limited language.

YSS Executive Director David Hicks said, “By supporting the Arts and Culture Alliance’s arts supply, you provide a tool to which some of the most vulnerable will be able to safely communicate their concerns and fears. Our youth will build hope and understanding through creativity. What is often difficult to discuss, can be more easily related by art. “

YSS ’mission is to provide prevention, education, treatment and housing services to children, youth and families; advocating on their behalf and helping them solve problems, grow and be self-sufficient, responsible, contributing members of society.

The Arts & amp; Culture Alliance, a non-profit organization, was created in 2004 to cultivate a community of arts and culture by supporting, promoting and enriching existing opportunities and seeking new opportunities. Our mission allows us to focus on improving the quality of life in Marshalltown by making it a place where arts and culture thrive and the community thrives.

To make a donation to arts supplies for Marshall County YSS: Make checks to Arts & amp; Culture Alliance and send to PO BOX 386, Marshalltown, IA 50158. Online donations accepted at: (select Art Supply Drive).

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Is college worth going?

Is college worth going?

People with a high school diploma earn more During their careers, Americans with a high school diploma earn about $ 570,000 more than people who have only a high school diploma. See the article : Arts Council Report.

Is college worthless? On average, college still dramatically increases your chances of getting a job. In 2019, employment for people between the ages of 25 and 34 who have completed their bachelor’s degree was 87%. It was only 74% for those who graduated high school but did not have any higher education.

Is college still worth 2022?

Going to college in 2022 is worth it for individuals who want access to higher paying jobs after graduation between 2026 and 2028. It is also ideal for those who want higher lifetime incomes. This may interest you : Janiyah McAllister of the Harrison School of the Arts is a National Music Theater semifinalist. Although expensive, scholarships and grants can help earn a bachelor’s degree in 2022 affordable.

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What mean higher education?

Higher education is a tertiary education after you leave school. It takes place in universities and Colleges and usually includes undergraduate and postgraduate study.

What is an example of higher education? Higher education definition The definition of higher education is advanced learning, usually at the college level or beyond. An example of higher education is getting your bachelor’s degree. Read also : City of Charlotte Arts Board Awards $ 2.01M to the Arts & Science Council. Education beyond the secondary level, especially education at the college or university level.

What is higher education considered?

In the United States, “higher education” refers to post-secondary education that is offered in institutions such as colleges, universities, regional colleges, and vocational schools.

What are the 4 types of higher education?

Types of educational institutions in the United States

  • Public universities. These universities are state-affiliated and often called state universities because they operate with the support of public taxes. …
  • Private universities. …
  • Ivy League universities. …
  • Technical schools. …
  • Liberal arts colleges. …
  • Community colleges.

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What are the highest paying jobs in higher education?

Best Careers in Higher Education Management

  • Provost: $ 143,783 per year. …
  • Chief Academic Officer: $ 135,569 per year. …
  • Vice President of Enrollment Management: $ 137,000 per year. …
  • Dean of Admissions: $ 91,830 per year. …
  • Director of Student Financial Aid: $ 85,144 per year. …
  • Director of Academic Counseling: $ 75,788 per year.

Which career field has the highest salary?

Can you make good money in higher education?

College workers enjoy a big winning prize. Annually, average earnings for undergraduates are $ 36,000 or 84 percent higher than those whose highest grade is a high school diploma. The earning gap between college graduates and those with less education continues to widen.

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Can you make good money in higher education?

College workers enjoy a big winning prize. Annually, average earnings for undergraduates are $ 36,000 or 84 percent higher than those whose highest grade is a high school diploma. The earning gap between college graduates and those with less education continues to widen.

Does higher education lead to better paid jobs? A college diploma will make the difference to get these types of jobs and the higher salary that comes with them. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, in fact, college graduates earn an average of 61% more than non-college graduates.

Which level of education will earn the highest salary?

The Average Salary With a Professional Grade Workers with a professional grade earn an average weekly wage of $ 1,893, the highest weekly earnings of any of the educational categories.

Why do people with higher education make more money?

A post-secondary degree, whether it is a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree, is the most common path to careers that require higher skills and offer a higher salary. Studies show that college graduates earn significantly more money in their lifetime than those with only a high school education.

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