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How many shows have we seen happening in the spring at a lake or other recreation center, with teenagers meeting and coming of age? Lake Lake is certainly in that category, but it also has that extra layer of) very funny and b) about a man trying to get along with a girl he made to get a foster childhood. Now he is a teenager himself, and he does not know what to do with himself. Ah, and there is a cabin culture up in Canada, where things seem to be a little more complicated than one might think.


First Gun: A teenage girl in the front seat of a car, her legs in line, whispering to her parents, “Are you flying with a business class and I’m standing here? Read also : In terms of fun: making music on Lake Avon.

The Gist: “Here” is in Canadian lake resort town, and 16-year-old Billie Barnes (Madison Shamoun) is upset that she is not at home or with her parents on their book trip. But they felt that summer with his biological father would do him good. He has never met his biological father, Justin Lovejoy (Jordan Gavaris), other than on Facebook, but his parents thought an open upbringing was important. Now they are in a store, about to spend the summer at the dam where Justin spent the whole summer as a child.

Justin found his best friend pregnant when he was a teenager, and moved to Australia after his departure and leaving Billie caused serious disagreement from his father. He came back after the divorce, and wants to reunite with Billie. Billie may be anywhere but there, and she doesn’t think much of it when they walk into a strange room they rent or meet their neighbor Urika (Carolyn Scott). But Justin takes her to his father’s house and is thought to have been sold after he left, and they meet Victor Lin (Terry Chen) and his son Killian (Jared Scott), who live in the kitchen and invite them to the boat’s boat that night.

At the boat party, he finds that the cabin belongs to the wife of Victor Maisy-May (Juilia Stiles) – who becomes a grandson of Justin. It turns out that her father never sold the cabin and left it to Maisy-May at will. Meanwhile, Billie, already attracted to Killian, is embroiled in a conspiracy to break free (that is, to sail a boat) with three neighborly girls who are disgusting and drunk. To protect her, Justin also gets drunk and challenges Maisy-May to a cabin rights independence contest. Tumbling rival Victor walks in and says he’ll make it look, but Justin is a near-diving just diving into a dirty lake.

The next day, both of them hang out like crazy, Killian drops some items from the cabin, and Justin finds a way to get the cabin back.

What Signs Will Remind You? Indeed Lake Lake is home to some of Canada’s most modern high-profile committees, such as Schitt’s Creek, Jann and Workin ’Moms. But there is also the theme of reuniting with a long-lost family, such as in Summer Survival. There are also shadows of All That Will Go Well.

Our Take: The reason why Lake, designed and written by Julian Doucet, reminds us of the Canadian symbols we talked about does not only affect the country they come from. There is wisdom in the committee they all share, as well as just the right balance and miscellaneous mix.

We have a little story with the fact that Billie’s parents trust him and Justin all summer, given that he has never met her personally and spent most of her life on the other side of the world? Of course. But in the area outside the sitcom area, this does not even come close to the center of the scale. It takes a little faith to accept this situation, but once you do, it is easy to let the funny stuff shine through.

Gavaris has always been funny, either playing British (Orphan Black) or his Canadian lilt, and especially Justin, who is not just trying to be friends with Billie in his own way – claims to be his father, which he describes as “biological father”, but also does not try to punish him or act like a father. – but he has to fight for his family history in a place where he is still well known.

For example, neighbors Wayne (Natalie Lisinska) and Jayne (Natalie Lisinska) know the whole story because they grew up on the beach, too; their daughters Jeri (Emily Roman), Teri (Brielle Robillard), Keri (Kaitlyn Bernard) are the ones who challenged Billie to continue, with their sister Olive (Julia Lalonde) just watching.

So there will be a history of Justin, his desire to return the cabin, his relationship with Billie, and the unique character of Canadian cabin culture as a powder, and the first part is a promising mix of jokes driven by character and a real heart story. arcs. The line gave us a good indication of how careful the show could have been when Billie told Justin that for him, breaking into the old Justin family home “More of When They See Us at the Hot Hot American Summer shenanigan event.”

Sex and Skin: No, and even the manifestation of free use of language, we expect to see more than just kiss or other post-coitus sleep.

Separation Shot: Justin tells Billie that they have to find a way for Billie to go get a cab, as his father’s claim has been fixed love. “So what?” He asks. “And then we get ours, because your father who gave you birth is not a human prostitute.” Billie rolls her eyes.

Sleeping Star: Julia Stiles is always welcome on our screens, and she seems to be playing Maisy-May as someone who seems to be sympathetic to Justin not finding a cabin, but will end up with his own cruelty.

More Pilot-y Line: We love this line Justin said of the port: “It looks like the PTA has done a great job keeping the drunks working.” But there is so much to produce that we have not been able to wrap our minds around it before the program moves on to the next one.

Our Call: STREAM IT. Lake game is not trying to be childish, but it is also trying to tell a story with clever jokes, run by the players, which successfully do it most of the time.

Joel Keller (@joelkeller) writes about food, entertainment, child rearing and technology, but he does not make the child himself: he is a TV junkie. Her writing has appeared in New York Times, Slate, Salon,,, Fast Company and elsewhere.

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