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Spotlight on the Arts by Paradise Center honors and encourages students to practice the arts by emphasizing their talent and appreciating the support they receive from their schools and teachers.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Caelen McBride. McBride is 19 and has been living in Thompson Falls since kindergarten. He just finished his final year at Thompson Falls High School and was instructed in the visual arts by teacher Micah Grossberg.

When McBride was quite young, he had no interest in the arts, but as he became more and more exposed to others, especially other students at school, inspiration began to emerge to practice the arts. McBride brought numerous folders and notebooks of his works to our visit. Each piece (hundreds) demonstrated his developing skills in both painting and sketching: faces, hands, animals, insects, intricate doodles, fantastic creatures, and a wide range of cartoon characters and graphics telling stories.

McBride focuses on various types of visual art, including: watercolor and acrylic painting; ceramics; pottery; and pencil sketching.

While his favorite medium was working with and experimenting with watercolors, he discovered the field of stop animation – an art form that involves a multi-faceted understanding of many skills and techniques such as: sketching to create storyboards; photography; understanding software for creating audio / visual productions; video editing; animation; scenography; digital graphics; and modeling. He has been cooperating with Stop Animation for eight years.

McBride has shared several of his video creations. One of them was a 4 and a half minute production that took him two months to create. Each second of a video contains up to 15 individual frames (15 different photos of carefully staged still scenes) – in general, a video contains thousands of still shots strung together in continuous motion.

The film was a caricature animation containing numerous elements of special effects, sound effects and dialogue. The heroes’ dialogue was ensured by recording the voices of other online friends cooperating with him. Using Lego characters and Lego building kits, McBride created an environment where he unfolds the episode of “Batman” – filled with lightning, various shadow and fade techniques, several chase scenes that lead to detailed battle swaps – and among all drama, there was also a good realized comedy elements.

In considering a platform to share his work, McBride began reaching out to other people with similar interests on the Internet. He made new friendships with creators from all over the continent. He discovered chat rooms, blogs, websites, and an artistic community of like-minded creators. There, he established contacts, thanks to which he was able to communicate, critically evaluate and exchange numerous ideas, helping him develop and perfect his short film making skills and techniques.

Not only does he find others who are interested in helping with his project, he is also invited to help with their projects, such as voice-over in dialogues and voice-over of a character (such as Bugs Bunny). McBride finally started his own YouTube channel called “Orbital Snapshots” which now includes numerous examples of his creations with a stop animation.

McBride took some time to develop his technique for creating effects such as fire, flashes, shadow, and even flying. Each step is painstakingly slow – and the variety of techniques for creating such effects seems endless – but so is his enthusiasm and interest. It was obvious that McBride is both dedicated and patient in his creations. He sees his future work not as an opportunity to “be better than”, but rather as a commitment to be the best – to dive deep into a process that genuine expression and art requires – to be uniquely authentic and find your “voice.” “

Upon graduation, McBride hopes to begin his college-level education with film production, animation, and taking extracurricular activities that focus on the various computer programs and applications he will need to further develop his skills.

However, he states that this is a big step into a bigger world and feels a bit nervous about the application process as it will take it to a new and unknown level of skill and demand.

McBride plans to research a variety of colleges, including the courses each one provides.

He hopes his future will develop earning opportunities not only in video production but also in graphic novels (extended format for cartoon illustrations and storytelling). McBride is a gifted artist, illustrator and animator with a promising future where much more can be ‘seen’ than ‘said’.

Is it worth getting a masters in art?

The Master in Fine Arts is a good choice for students who want to earn a living as painters, photographers, sculptors, etc. To see also : The Brooklyn Museum reopened an entire floor for the Arts and the Islamic World in September 2022, including the New South Asian Art Collection and the Islamic World Art.. For those who want a little more flexibility, the Master of Arts will offer a wider range of coursework and prepare you for more diverse career opportunities.

What are the advantages of a Master of Arts? 5 advantages of a Master’s degree

  • Learning methods. The Master of Arts relies heavily on student-teacher interaction, mentoring and collaboration. …
  • Type of acquired skills. …
  • A socially focused business approach. …
  • Professional prospects. …
  • The basics of innovation.

Is a Master’s degree worth it 2021?

Having a master’s degree can be very beneficial to your career prospects. In fact, there are jobs that even require them. If you are looking for a job as a statistician, political scientist, biomedical engineer or speech therapist, a master’s degree is often expected.

Are art degrees worth anything?

The median salary for an art and design career is $ 48,130. Creative professions can be found in fields such as the visual arts, design, media, and communication. On the same subject : Keegan McCain completes NCAA Career in Sports Forum. Potential careers include becoming a writer, sculptor, graphic artist, and interior designer.

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Which is better BFA or MFA?

BFA is a bachelor’s degree while MFA is a master’s degree. A degree in visual arts must be completed to obtain a BFA in UK, and MFA studies require individual learning of a variety of skills such as painting, electronics, and living arts. On the same subject : News & Events Visual & Performing Arts. BFA is an undergraduate degree. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a graduate.

Is BFA a good degree? The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree is considered to be the most prestigious bachelor’s degree you can get in the visual arts. This option is for students who want to gain as much experience and skills in photography as possible.

Is an MFA in fine art worth it?

Not only does the MFA diploma help you grow as an artist, it can also ensure your financial future – as a final professional degree in fine arts, the MFA certifies that you can teach at both undergraduate and graduate levels. However, there are many things to consider when choosing where to get your Master’s degree.

What’s BFA and MFA?

BA: Bachelor of Arts. BFA: Bachelor of Fine Arts. MFA: Master of Fine Arts. A bachelor’s degree is awarded to a student who has completed an undergraduate degree in humanities and / or science. Bachelor’s degrees are usually awarded in liberal arts colleges or larger universities.

Is BFA needed for MFA?

You don’t need a BFA to be accepted into an MFA program – but most programs require you to obtain some type of bachelor’s degree. If you have a highly developed portfolio and career track record, however, you may find a program that may deviate from this requirement.

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Do you need an MFA to be a successful artist?

You don’t necessarily need the MFA, but the myth that you really need one benefits those who can afford the tuition fees. Rule 8: If you don’t make it by the age of 25, you don’t stand a chance. Real artists did it at the age of 30; if they are truly special, they will just turn 25.

Can you be a successful artist without a degree? You don’t need to earn a degree: you can create masterpieces of art and experience financial AND exhibition successes without filling up the ranks of prestigious art schools.

Should you get an MFA in art?

MFA is considered to be a “terminal” grade, which is the highest grade that can be obtained in a given field. Accordingly, highly selective and prestigious positions will require meeting this standard of excellence. These jobs may include art gallery manager positions or fine arts museum director positions.

Do you really need a degree in art?

Unlike being an engineer or doctor, you don’t need an art degree to be an artist. An art diploma will do little for you, unless you start teaching in certain types of schools. There are a few points to keep in mind; An art degree in no way determines how skilled you will be.

Will an MFA make you an art star?

Probably not. It seems likely that in art relationships and lineages open the door, and the best Ministry of Foreign Affairs signals to dealers and collectors that students are close to these status networks, which makes their art more profitable.

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