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Louisville Visual Arts is busy like never before with two events coming up this week. On June 29, Lance G. Newman II will receive the 2022 Bill Fischer Award for Visual Arts and, on June 30, the LVA will have to unveil a mural at an inspired Mellwood Art Center. from the board game, “Catan.”

About The Bill Fischer Award for Visual Arts

According to LVA, “Bill Fischer has established the Visual Arts Award that bears his name to make a significant impact on the career of a visual artist living in the Louisville Metro Area. The award is funded by the Artist Bill Fischer Foundation for Working Artists at the Louisville Community Foundation which provides a $ 7,000 fellowship grant for the execution and exhibition of artwork and other efforts to foster a career. professional. Fischer Prize recipients must demonstrate a commitment to experimentation and the creative use of materials and techniques. “

LVA will host an award ceremony for Newman at Joe’s Palm Room on Wednesday, June 29 from 5:30 p. On the same subject : Arts Council Report.m. – 7 p.m.

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About Lance G. Newman II

Lance G. Newman II, who grew up in Louisville, is a writer, poet, host, actor, performer, visual and teaching artist. This may interest you : Arts Council receives $ 35,000 grant Serves Minden-Gardnerville and Carson Valley. Using the SpreadLovEnterprise moniker, he teaches his creative writing and public speaking curriculum in schools, community centers and service-providing organizations.

“While Lance is more commonly known for his performance poetry and creative writing, in recent years he has taken the visual arts as a way to concisely express concepts that may be more difficult to put into words. A recurring material in his mixed media work is the waste left behind by Black and Light cigars, a by-product of what Lance refers to as a vice he has struggled with for years, ”according to an LVA statement. “To reduce his carbon footprint, he creatively uses these extra materials to create intricate works of art with a sepia tone with a certain vintage appeal. His work explores human experience, societal reflections and personal memories. In addition to these themes, Lance says his use of Black and Light cigar imagery speaks to the blackness and sweetness of African Americans and the African diaspora. Through his work, he hopes to bring civility and honor to those who were once considered unworthy. ”

Newman hopes to use the prize to gain more space for his art practice. He is currently working from a small office in his home but is planning to convert his garage into a new studio space.

“The impact of this award is far more than monetary,” Newman said in a statement. “I am at a time in my career where expansion is needed and it will allow me to increase my capacity properly. Also, I feel like the city is finally watching me, and that’s a beautiful feeling. Lots of Love. ”

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About the Catan Mural Reveal And Community Event

Inspired by the board game, Catan, Louisville visual artist Amie Villiger Harris created a mural at the Mellwood Center for the Arts. Read also : The Guardian’s view of diversity in art: continuity is essential. LVA partnered with the artist to facilitate the production of the mural.

Seeing that both board games and public art have a way of bringing people together, the opening reception will include complementary food and drink, the mural reveals and, I started, board games . The activity will be held from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the Mellwood Arts Center on June 30 and it’s free.

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About Amie Villiger Harris

Amie Villiger Harris is a Louisville-based artist and muralist. She has been drawing murals since attending the Great Mountain Mural Fest in 2019 in Harlan, Kentucky.

An avid board gamer, Harris grew up playing “Catan,” and she sees a connection between the game and nature, which is expressed in the mural.

According to a statement, “the mural is a celebration of the nature and resources that drive the game, portrayed with a distinct regional flavor through images of local flora and fauna. Harris seeks to emphasize the natural beauty of the land and the surrounding wildlife to inspire a concerted effort to preserve and protect wild spaces and fragile ecosystems in order to achieve sustainable development and long-term survival. As in Catania, our human civilization depends on the good of nature and we must respect our relationship with land, water, and wildlife and pursue environmentally sustainable solutions. ”

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