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One of the greatest Netflix releases of all time is back—sort of.

The Spanish-language thriller Money Heist, released back in 2017, is a tortuous action-packed drama about a band of stylishly dressed thieves — working under the auspices of the brilliant character known as the Professor — who (originally) break into the Royal Mint of Spain. There’s a Robin Hood, us-against-the-system vibe to the show, a populist line that helps turn it into a really big Netflix original series.

In fact, three of the series’ five seasons occupy individual slots in the top 10 greatest non-English TV show streamers of all time, having garnered hundreds of millions of hours watched worldwide between them. So, having said that, can you blame the streaming giant for wanting to relive the ended series and try it out in Korean, reworking the show into an all-new Netflix release for another large global audience?

Money Heist: Korea

By the way, it might not be appropriate to think of the result—Money Heist Korea—the recently released Joint Economic Area—as a remake of the original rather than a “reimagining,” however. See the article : The Netflix Video Game You Want To Play. A remake, for example, would imply that the main difference here is simply the language, with almost everything else largely the same.

On the other hand, the essence of the story here is completely different. This time, the series envisions a unified Korean peninsula in an imaginary future. Of course, there must be a unified currency for such a new and developing Korea, right? Voila: The need to print new money, which is an easy target for our thieves.

Speaking of thieves, they were once again wearing bright red jumpsuits and white face masks. There’s still a brilliant “Professor” behind it all. And the thieves take the city’s name as an alias, just like they did in the original Money Heist.

“As borders seem to be disappearing,” Netflix explains of the release of the new series, “the people of a long-divided peninsula seem to be reuniting — but there are troubling consequences.”

Under the new economic union, the streamer continued, only the rich got richer. “Into this cruel new world of inequality, a group of thieves from North and South Korea, led by the Professor, set out to commit a heist that will make history.”

In this new retelling, Netflix continues, the “Shared Security Area” lies between two parts of the peninsula. And contains mint which is the focus of the story. “Amid reunification, the mint is printing a new unified currency as the basis for building a stable common economy.”

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Other new Netflix releases

In that case another new Netflix release is now available for streaming, meanwhile, apart from the new Money Theft? There’s a new slapstick action comedy starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson to watch. Plus the long-awaited Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, and a new reality series about a very spoiled and overly sensitive young boy. Plus, you can read more about each release, with details from Netflix, below.

The Man From Toronto: “A case of mistaken identity forces a bumbling businessman to team up with a notorious assassin known as The Man from Toronto in hopes of staying alive. To see also : Amazon Prime Video: Everything you would like to see in June 2022.”

Umbrella Academy — Season 3: “Reunited by the death of their father, estranged siblings with extraordinary powers uncover shocking family secrets — and the threat that threatens humanity.”

Snowflake Mountain: “Having the right to despair or just needing strong love? Ten spoiled young adults experience nature without a parental safety net in this reality series.”

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A New Netflix movie to check out

We also have one more title to mention, in our take on the latest and hottest Netflix releases. To see also : Prime Video Schedule Additions: New TV and Movies Coming June 13-19.

The #5 film on Netflix in the US at the time of this writing, hitting streamers this week, is Love & Gelato — a Netflix release from writer-director Brandon Camp. It was adapted from the novel of the same name by Jenna Evans Welch. And it’s easy to see why this one is so popular with many Netflix subscribers right now. There’s youthful love, beautiful Italian settings — what more could you want?

As for the story, Lina is a young American girl who travels to Rome to honor her mother’s memory. “Thrown into an unknown country,” Netflix explains, “too messy and full of chaos for his serious, methodical, and even slightly nerdy nature, he will find himself forced to face all of his obsessions, anxieties, and fears, but also have to deal with with her mother’s past hiding some surprises and some secrets.

Immersed in magical sights and foreign and exciting food, fascinated by the unique style of Italian fashion, overwhelmed by unexpected romantic events, and overwhelmed by a new and anomaly family, Lina will learn to see the world and herself in the final way. different eyes.”

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Dans la section « Mon profile », vous devriez voir l’option « Historique ». Cliquez dessus pour découvrir tous les films, series and documentaries que vous avez lancés sur Netflix avec la date. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez supprimer l’un ou l’autre program de votre historique, comme sur le net.

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What’s new on Netflix India?

New on Netflix India this June 2021

  • Lupine (2021– ) TV-MA | 45 minutes | Action, Crime, Drama. …
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  • Sweet Tooth (2021– ) …
  • Fresh, Fried and Crispy (2021– ) …
  • Locombianos (2021– ) …
  • Carnival (2021) …
  • Trippin’ with the Kandasamys (2021)

Which is the No 1 Netflix series in India?

Where can I find upcoming releases on Netflix?

The Netflix app Visit the New & Popular, Recent, Coming Soon, or New & Popular sections of Netflix to see TV shows and movies that were recently added, trending, or coming soon. (This section may not appear on all devices.)

Netflix 2021 how many hours? The title is that Netflix has 2.2 million minutes of content currently available. Translated into years, that’s just over four years of continuous content if you sit back and watch it all in one sitting. That roughly translates to a total of 36,000 hours.

What is the best movie in Netflix 2021?

Korean drama Squid Game leads the list of the most popular Netflix titles on Rotten Tomatoes in 2021, beating out the streaming giant’s top movie titles, such as the star-driven Red Notice, which saw Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds team up for a story heist.

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