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Drum roll, please … okay, that’s enough. Netflix today announced the addition of a new animated series, from an incredibly popular Youtube creator. In a video released today, James Rallison of YouTube channel Odd 1s Out, which has more than 17 million subscribers, announced the upcoming release of his new Netflix project that will be titled Oddballs later this year.

The new video ad, released today, included a summary of the creative process behind the new show and offered fans a glimpse of the latest events behind the scenes of Odd 1s Out. Rallison also detailed the creative process behind the upcoming Netflix series, which was completed completely remotely, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the announcement, Rallison showed some of the first clips of the new show to be released in Con’s upcoming appearances, one of which is the upcoming VidCon, which will take place in Anaheim next weekend. Rallison will unveil a clip of the new series on June 25, 2022 at the convention. But as a teaser, Rallison also showed a small clip of the series at the end of his ad. The clip shows two characters, a bubble boy and his crocodile friend, coming out of a trailer perched on top of a cactus before the trailer explodes.

Oddballs will tell the story of James, a bubble-shaped boy, who makes comic diaries about meticulous, everyday annoyances, often elevating them to absurd levels. He is joined by his crocodile friend Max and a girl who claims to have been ripped from the future, Echo. James and his friends will plot ridiculous schemes, which often result in disaster (but in a ha-ha way, not in a uh-oh way).

This new collaboration between Netflix and the established online talent may be exactly what the streaming service needs to increase its subscription rate after a disappointing first quarter. Rallison brings with him to the streaming service an already dedicated audience and a consolidated brand identity. And the new series will no doubt inspire some people to sign back into the giant streaming service.

Oddballs comes from creators James Rallison and Ethan Banville. Banvilel and Rallison are executive producers alongside Carl Faruolo, Michael Zoumas, Jennifer Twiner McCarron of Atomic Cartoon, Matthew Berkowitz and Aaron Behl. The cast of the series includes James Rallison, Julian Gant, Kimberly Brooks, Gary Anthony Williams and Carl Faruolo.

No release date has been set for Oddballs yet. Rallison has only indicated that the series will premiere later this year. However, while you’re waiting, you can check out Rallison’s announcement below and check out Odd 1s Out’s extensive video catalog, available on YouTube:

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Mason (born February 24, 2006 (February 24, 2006) [16 years]), better known online as Awesomemay and May is an American youtuber and animator known for his videos of stories and reviews.

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