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A thriller genre of recent years has focused on “the dangers of social media.” In other words, someone analyzes someone’s social media and uses that information to get into their lives, causing chaos. But sometimes these shows feel less than well anchored to a real story. A new BBC production streaming on Prime Video makes that basis and does it well.


Opening Head: An Instagram-like scroll on a phone. To see also : City of Riverside Partners with SoCal Adaptive Sports to Offer First Inclusive Adaptive Sports Clinic | You can see the screen in the reflection of a woman’s eyes looking at her phone in the dark.

The bottom line: As she moves, Becky Green (Erin Doherty) stops to feed a red-haired woman named Chloe Fairbourne (Poppy Gilbert), who seems to be living an enchanted life. With each image well done and cured, Becky imagines the moving images, showing Chloe living that life full of friends, fashion, dinners, and so on.

Becky lives on the same floor in Bristol as her mother Pam (Lisa Palfrey), who shows the first signs of Alzheimer’s. Becky goes to her temporary job replacing a pregnant executive assistant; she slips a co-worker’s colorful jacket and ends up going to an elegant charity party like a woman named Helena. She sleeps with Josh Stanfield (Brandon Michael Hall), whom she meets at the party, then blocks her number when she thinks he called her overnight.

Then, a surprise: Chloe’s channel has a lot of comments indicating that she died unexpectedly. Surprise, try to meet the people you see on the channel to find out what happened. The first is Livia Fulton (Pippa Bennett-Warner), an event planner and one of Chloe’s closest friends. Becky makes a new person named Sasha and blocks a gallery opening that she knows Livia will plan.

Then, after looking at Livia’s feed, he “meets” her in a yoga class at an exclusive country club, manipulating an invitation to her home for dinner when she learns that Chloe’s husband, Councilor Elliot Fairbourne ( Billy Howle) will be there. But a complication arises: Livia meets Josh and they meet him at the country club.

What programs will remind you? At first, Chloe seems like another “woman is lying to get closer to the woman she’s obsessed with,” like Roku’s Swimming With Sharks or As The Crow Flies on Netflix. But there’s a reason Becky is obsessed with Chloe, as we discover at the end of the episode.

Our opinion: The reason Becky is so obsessed with Chloe is a bit predictable, because part of the mystery, where Becky gets a call from the local police investigating her death, points to Becky and Chloe not being necessarily unknown. , as indicated by Becky’s displacement at the beginning of the episode.

But Chloe, created and written by Alice Seabright (Sex Education) is based entirely on Doherty’s performance as Becky, as we see her move from her slightly crazy drone character to an elegant society scammer in the turn of a penny. And it’s fascinating to see her on social media to move into Chloe’s life, in addition to meeting her friends, her husband and other people who could give her a clue about what happened to Chloe. .

At first, it seems like most of Chloe’s friends feel like the standard British stereotypes at the top, except Livia; Bennett-Warner gives Livia some depth, turning her into someone who has a confident nature and makes quick friends. On a couple of outings with “Sasha,” Livia is already encouraging him to ask Josh out, and he’s opening up about Chloe’s death. It may increase the credibility that Livia’s guard isn’t up there right now, but Bennett-Warner makes us believe that Livia is just that kind of person.

But what’s ultimately intriguing about Chloe is that while Becky is an efficient liar and what looks like a good actor, she’s putting on this “Sasha” character for a reason that it’s not just about harassment and obsession. And the rest of the season will see her trying to get to the bottom of Chloe’s death while dealing with people like Josh, who know more than she would like. As your lies fall apart, will you get closer to the answers you need? Only this question makes us want to look further.

Sex and Skin: As we mentioned, Becky has sex with Josh, but keeps her bra on while she does it.

Farewell shot: As she imagines Chloe about to jump off a cliff, she imagines the friend she met as a teenager, with whom she lost contact but with whom she chased on social media for years.

Sleeper Star: Jack Farthing plays Richard Greenbank, who interrupts the dinner so politely organized by Livia saying that everyone has been wrong to prevent Chloe from committing suicide.

More pilot line: In one of her weakest excuses, Becky tells Josh that she puts different characters “because I like to control how people see me. Now. Back. Off.” He says “okay,” but we’d say, “Are you dangerous or just crazy?” Let’s just say we’ll hear from Josh again.

Our call: TRANSMIT IT. Because of the key performances of Doherty, Hall, and Bennett-Warner, Chloe goes from a predictable harassment story to an entertaining thriller that can take some unexpected turns.

Joel Keller (@joelkeller) writes about food, entertainment, parenting and technology, but he doesn’t fool himself: he’s a TV addict. His writings have appeared in the New York Times, Slate, Salon,,, Fast Company and elsewhere.

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Are all episodes of Chloe available?

Chloe’s release date The six episodes of the series have already aired and can be seen on BBC iPlayer in the UK. The psychological thriller will also be able to air on Prime Video on June 10th.

How many episodes does Chloe have? See the article : Read the 9 Page Media Package Used by Lifestyle Creator to Find Brand Deals.

Can you watch all episodes of Chloe on iPlayer?

You can watch Chloe online on BBC iPlayer (opens in a new tab) live or on demand. Read also : When’s The One That Got Away Coming to Prime Video?. The remaining five episodes will also be available to play after the first one aired if you can’t wait to get bored of each episode!

How many episodes of Chloe on iPlayer?

Original languageEnglish
No series1
Number of episodes6

What is thriller Chloe about?

Chloe follows Becky Green (played by Erin Doherty), a young woman who lives in Bristol, UK, who works as an intern while living at her mother’s house. Becky struggles with her mother’s early-onset dementia and suffers from low self-esteem and paranoia herself. She doesn’t have much social life and doesn’t have real friends.

What is Chloe talking about on Netflix? It’s focused on a young woman named, you guessed it, Becky. Becky obsessively follows Chloe on social media, to the point that when Chloe dies in mysterious circumstances, Becky creates a new identity to try to infiltrate Chloe’s group of friends and find out what really happened.

Is Chloe based on a true story?

Along with Seabright, of Sex Education fame, the series is co-written by Kayleigh Llewellyn, Poppy Cogan and Bolu Babalola. While elements of the story may reflect reality, including society’s obsession with the seemingly enviable lives of social media influencers, for example, the BBC thriller is fictional.

What is the story behind Chloe?

What is the plot? Chloe was described as “a mystery about obsession, deception, identity and pain.” He follows Becky (Erin Doherty), a young woman who still lives with her mother. She works as an intern and lives her life through the seemingly impeccable lives of social media influencers.

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Can you stream Chloe on iPlayer?

The new original BBC series called Chloe will be coming soon to be played on BBC iPlayer. Here’s how you can access full episodes from anywhere. Chloe is an upcoming 6-part psychological thriller series that explores contemporary attitudes toward obsession, deception, identity, and grief, and the use of social media.

Where can I Watch the Chloe TV Series? Chloe’s release date The psychological thriller will also be available to air on Prime Video on June 10th.

Can you watch all episodes of Chloe on iPlayer?

You can watch Chloe online on BBC iPlayer (opens in a new tab) live or on demand. The remaining five episodes will also be available to play after the first one aired if you can’t wait to get bored of each episode!

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