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ANGOLA – Prairie Heights High School has been approved by the Indiana Department of Education to offer a Graduate Course in Civic Arts.

Cynthia Jones, an English teacher and media specialist in Prairie Heights, was asked by the Corrine Reed Theater about how to get an art degree in Prairie Heights.

“Corrine Reed approached me with the idea of ​​investigating a theater route. I had communicated with another school that had been approved and gathered the initial information. It seemed like something that offered additional opportunities to our students,” Jones said. .

Beginning with the 2023 class, the state requires that all students complete a graduation course including college and career preparation.

Students who choose the Civic Arts course have the opportunity to use their fine arts, theater or music courses and involvement to meet the requirements set by the state. Students create portfolios that showcase their work in the arts and their collaborations with community partners.

Principal Jeremy Swander said he is very proud of the art program in Prairie Heights and is in support of future additions.

“Prairie Heights is very fortunate to be able to offer a wide range of electives that allow our students to pursue the Way of Civic Art,” Swander said.

Courses offered at Prairie Heights and are a part of the Civic Arts courses include theater production, technical theater, ceramics, photography, advanced concert band, advanced choir and creative writing. In addition to the courses, the school will be in partnership with other civic arts institutions in the area to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills.

“At our initial meeting, several students expressed interest in pursuing the Civic Arts Pathway,” Jones said. “Students work with their guidance counselors to select the best option for their situation.”

The civic arts pathway has been approved by only a few schools in Indiana, including the Kokomo School District, and Prairie Heights has now added this achievement to its curriculum options.

“Cynthia Jones is responsible for this great program. She is a phenomenal teacher and helped create the program. She just does a lot of work behind the scenes at Prairie Heights,” Swander said.

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