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A perfect storm in the streaming sector, pressured like never before by a crowded marketplace and fierce inflation, has triggered a new study that identifies the services that provide the best value for money.

Uswitch weighed the number of available programs on each service against the monthly cost of access to calculate a cost per. title metric, which names Amazon Prime Video as the best choice for savvy viewers.

While it does not provide a measure of the quality of the content, it does give an idea of ​​the scope of each library.

The ubiquitous consumer goods retailer has put together a selection of 8,799 titles that you can enjoy in the UK while shopping online. Combine this with the second cheapest monthly subscription fee of £ 7.99 and you get a price per. title of £ 0.0009.

Amazon seems to be a relatively good buy compared to Virgin TV Go in second place, which costs as much as £ 33 a month – although it boasts the largest catalog of 17,269 titles to give it a price per share. title of £ 0.0019. Market leader Netflix is ​​in third place with its 6592 titles – combine that with a fee of 15.99 GBP and you get a rating of 0.0024 GBP.

Value-conscious streamers seeking to reduce their spending to the absolute minimum will be advised to avoid the UK in general, with the country ranked as the 21st best value out of 41 countries surveyed.

Consumers who want to pay as little to Jeff Bezos as possible while still enjoying The Boys are advised to head to Jamaica, where each Amazon Prime Video title will set you back £ 0.0003.

Nick Baker, a TV expert at, said: “With rising cost of living, many households are deciding to cut back on their streaming subscriptions to save money. For those who choose which streaming services to continue subscribing to, there are a few things to consider, such as the number of titles available per platform and monthly subscription costs. “

The report is linked to the launch of Paramount + in the UK as the latest streaming hoping to join a saturated market.

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Netflix, is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997 in Scotts Valley, California. It specializes in and delivers streaming of media and video-on-demand online and DVD by mail.

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Does the company have a local address? Check it first
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Who gives Netflix free?

You can get Netflix for free on qualified plans from T-Mobile, which includes Magenta and Magenta Max. However, the terms and conditions apply where one of them is that you must use two or more lines in your account to get Netflix for free.

How can I get Netflix for free? What to know Read also : Best Summer Movies to Stream on Amazon Prime Video.

  • Share accounts with friends / family: Go to profile> Who sees> Manage profiles> Add profile. Enter Name> Continue> Done.
  • Some companies, including mobile phone providers and cable companies, offer promotions that include a free Netflix account.
  • T-Mobile: Sign up for a T-Mobile One.

Can you get free Netflix with Amazon Prime?

Besides Amazon Prime Video, when you have an Amazon Prime account, you also have access to all the other great perks that come with shopping and other forms of entertainment. See the article : The Netflix Video Game You Want To Play. The decision is yours, but you will not be able to access Netflix for free just because you have an Amazon Prime account.

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Is Prime Video included with Amazon Prime?

Prime Video is a streaming video service from Amazon. Prime Video benefits are included in an Amazon Prime membership. With your membership, you can watch hundreds of TV shows and movies on your favorite devices. See the article : Pence navigates a possible race for the White House and a tense political moment. To get started, visit or download the Prime Video app on your mobile device.

Are Prime Video and Amazon Prime the same? A .: Amazon Prime Video is the streaming video component of Amazon Prime. Like Netflix and Hulu, Amazon Prime offers unlimited streaming of tens of thousands of movies and TV shows. Unlike its two competitors, however, Amazon Prime also allows à la carte rental and purchase of its content.

Why am I being charged for Prime Video if I have Amazon Prime?

Prime Video Channels do not form part of your Prime subscription. They are additional, paid subscriptions that allow you to add the desired content from third-party premium networks and other streaming entertainment channels.

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Which is better option Netflix or Amazon Prime?

Netflix is ​​probably the best single-point access to streaming content – with so many great shows coming through the service, it’s almost crucial to watch. Amazon, on the other hand, is a much larger platform – content for rent or purchase, additional channels to subscribe to.

What is the difference between Prime and Netflix? Netflix has a larger content library and apps for more platforms and devices than Amazon Prime. Netflix also offers subtitles (or subtitles) for more TV series and movies than Amazon. The biggest point of contention between Amazon Prime and Netflix has been the size of the content library.

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