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The Utah Art Festival starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday. We have selected a few local artists that you can check out while you are there.

Why it matters: The largest art festival in the state mostly features out of state work.

In numbers: About 70 of the approximately 180 artist booths will be displaying Utahns’ work.

Here are three local attractions from this year’s festival:

1. Utah’s 13 short films

What to watch: The Mill Creek Strangler confronts a criminal pastime and El Moño, in which a child discovers the generation magic of his immigrant family.

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2. Painter Durga Ekambaram

Ekambaram will demonstrate its work Saturday from 2 pm to 4:30 pm on the patio of Salt Bistro in Leonardo. This may interest you : Lafayette Music Festival organizers planning inaugural event in October.

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3. Hip-hop artist C. Valenta

Valenta tells stories of anxiety and triumph as a Negro in America.

When: 4:15 pm Friday at The Round (southeast of the library). On the same subject : Dua Lipa’s father will host her music festival in Kosovo after all.

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