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Charlotte City Arts Board Awards $ 2.01M to Arts & amp; Science Councilâ & # x20AC; & # x2122;

The Infusion Fund continues to provide new and existing funding

support for cultural organizations of all sizes and backgrounds

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (June 21, 2022) – The City of Charlotteâ & # x20AC; & # x2122;

The Arts and Culture Advisory Board on Tuesday gave $ 2.01 million to the & # xD;

Arts & amp; Science Council (ASC) for fiscal year 2023. With this award, the panel is working to fulfill a commitment by the city and its partners to the entire local arts community – individual artists, and groups. arts and crafts – to meet needs by funding new and existing opportunities.

The $ 2.01 million includes $ 950,000 to support ASC operations and nearly $ 1.06 million for the ASC to award grants to individual arts and culture organizations and artists. The decision funds the ASC with the full amount the ASC has requested from the Infusion Fund for FY 2023. The Infusion Fund is a city partnership, & # xD;

Foundation For The Carolinas, and private donors to support arts and culture in the Charlotte area with about $ 12 million a year for three years. The Arts and Culture Advisory Board is in the process of allocating the second year of Infusion Fund funding.

“The purpose of the Infusion Fund is to support people and groups at all levels of the arts and culture sector in a new way – to create more opportunities for them to access the funding and support they need. they need, “said Priya Sircar, the city’s arts and culture. officer. “With this decision, the advisory board is ensuring that the established ASC programs suffer together with possible new resources only because of the Infusion Fund.”

The board has already approved most of the $ 12 million available in FY 2023. Last week, & # xD;

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